City of Jasper News

Flag Day is June 22, 2022

L-R: Echo Hopkins, Kathy Ciomek (Co-chairs The Flag of the United States of America), Mayor Steve Lawrence, and Mary Turner, Regent



WHEREAS, In 1775, 13 colonies rose up against the empire of Great Britain and, Whereas they carried a flag that celebrated the spirit of a proud new nation. And Whereas the American flag continues to proudly represent the 50 States that form our Union today. Whereas on Flag Day we pay tribute to the banner that weaves us together and waves above our tallest buildings and our greenest fields; and

WHEREAS, For more than two centuries, Americans have saluted Old Glory in times of trial and triumph and an unbroken chain of men and women in uniform has served under it; and

WHEREAS, The familiar design that has evolved along with our Nation evokes the ideals for which America was born and the reality of current times. Our flag reminds us that fidelity to the nation's founding principles requires new responses to new challenges. As we prepare to meet the great tests of our age, let every American draw inspiration from this symbol of our past, our present, and our common dreams for the future; and

WHEREAS, The idea of an annual day specifically celebrating the Flag is believed to have first originated in 1885 when Wisconsin schoolteacher B. J. Cigrand arranged for pupils to observe June 14 as "Flag Birthday"; and

WHEREAS, Congress, in 1949, officially designated June 14 of each year as "Flag Day" by joint resolution.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Steve Lawrence, Mayor of Jasper, Georgia, do hereby proclaim the day of June 14, 2022, as Flag Day and urge all citizens to display the Flag of the United States of America, and call upon everyone to observe the day with proper pride and due ceremony.

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