City of Jasper News


March 18, 2024


On March 15th, 2024, the Jasper Mayor and City Council held two personnel hearings based on policy and procedures adopted by the City of Jasper. Both hearings were requested by former employees who had been terminated. The hearings were held at City Hall in the council chambers and all elected city officials were present. These hearings are to allow for due process for employees and are part of the city policy and procedures. During the hearings, the Mayor and City Council heard oral testimony from multiple parties, various witnesses' testimony, and reviewed exhibits provided by the parties.

At the conclusion of both hearings, the city council voted via two motions, to reinstate both former employees, provide back pay, and place the employees on paid administrative leave until the administration can properly place them based on the needs of the city. After the first hearing, one employee was voted on and the city council voted not to reinstate the employee. After further discussion and a subsequent hearing, the city council decided to vote again on that employee and reinstated said employee.

The City of Jasper follows a process that is based on facts, integrity, professionalism, and fairness. We are pleased to move forward from this and continue to focus on the services we provide as a municipality.